#1 VR Baseball Fielding Simulator

All-Star Fielding Challenge VR
by 8-bit Development

All-Star Fielding Challenge VR is an exciting baseball fielding simulator that puts you at shortstop as you attempt to field line-drives, pop-ups, and ground balls. Catch enough balls to progress through each round and achieve greatness as you climb the leaderboard.
Go to Baseball in VR!

Baseball in VR!

All-Star Fielding Challenge VR brings baesball to room-scale virtual reality everywhere! Grab your glove and prepare to become an All-Star!

Go to Realistic Fielding

Realistic Fielding

Experience the excitement and thrill of fielding baseballs in a virtual stadium. Realistic ball physics allow you to practice fielding in VR!

Go to Arcade Action

Arcade Action

All-Star Fielding Challenge brings non-stop baseball action to you in a arcade style environment! Conquer round after round as you climb the leaderboard!

Go to Available on Oculus and HTC Vive

Available on Oculus and HTC Vive

All-Star Fielding Challenge VR is availabe on Steam for all room-scale virtual reality headsets. Download it now!

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